Cutting heads

Effective mechanical weed removal requires powerful accessories. Our cutting heads are available in various sizes and materials, suitable for most common string trimmers.

Professional cutting head

ThreadSuitable for string trimmers supplied byArt.-Nr.
10 x 1,00 mmStihl292541.000000
12 x 1,50 mmDolmar, Solo, Stihl292543.000000

Professional cutting head large

ThreadSuitable for string trimmers supplied byArt.-Nr.
12 x 1,50 mmStihl FS 350/450292548.000000

Cutting head

ThreadSuitable for string trimmers supplied byArt.-Nr.
10 x 1,00 mmStihl, Dolmar292555.000000
12 x 1,50 mmDolmar, Solo292554.000000

Aluminum cutting head Universal

DescriptionSuitable for string trimmers supplied byArt.-Nr.
Aluminum cutting head UniversalFor all with straight wave292556.000000

Tread packet (30 piece)

3,0 mmrund292559.000000
4,0 mmrund292585.000000
3,0 mmvierkant292557.000000
4,0 mmvierkant292558.000000

EasyWork cutting head

Fadenkopf EasyWork mit verstärktem Druckknopf aus Alu. Durchmesser 130 mm.

GewindePassend für Motorsensen vonArt.-Nr.
10 x 1,0 mm
12 x 1,5 mm
Stihl, Dolmar und Solo293000.000000

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