Weber goes fairy-tale!

Our sweeping rollers have found a fabulous application: about 180 of them have been used to form Grimm's fairy-tale forest in Kassel.
Slowly approaching Christmas time, today we would like to share a beautiful, rather uncommon story and its history
„Can you hear me? Come a little close", a voice whispers from the thick thorn hedge, the thorny forest in Grimm's World, the Grimm Brothers museum which was opened in Kassel in September. Our sweeping rollers, in forest green, have been assembled like solid trunks, always three on top of each other, to form an impressive forest.

This thorny forest, resembling Sleeping Beauty's thorn hedge, represents the entry gate to the central world of fairy-tales. Here, the famous Grimm's fairy-tales can be experienced not only by children and youngsters.

And it does take a little courage to blaze a trail through the thorny trunks to the Frog King's princess, to the witch in the Handel and Gretel gingerbread cottage, or to Little Red Riding Hood's evil wolf.

However, the courage is not necessary because of the “thorns” of our sweeping rollers which are not that sharp at all – story was told that some visitors have even used them as massage tools. It rather is the mysterious character of the labyrinth forest causing a slight shiver down our spines, just the way we all recall from hearing fairy-tales in our childhood.

How did all this come about? The architects of this exhibition suggested to use thorny brushes, i.e. sweeping rollers, and the construction company artex FB quickly identified Weber as a reliable, local supplier of the required “thorny material”.

When asked whether we would be able to supply samples, and in positive case, about 180 sweeping rollers in a special green colour, Weber never hesitated to say yes and do it.