After winter comes the weed.
This is the time for Weber's mechanical weed removal systems.

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Tackle the costly rank growth using mechanical weed removal
The rampant green on pavements, curbstones, and roads disturbs the visual impression. And even more important: The maintenance and repair of paved areas, or the cleaning of clogged road drains, causes enormous costs which burden municipal budgets.

Weber weed brushes effectively remove the cumbersome green in a single go, simultaneously pulling out and sweeping the weed. And this even happens in an environmentally friendly way since the important microorganisms are not destroyed. Compared to chemical or thermal technologies (e.g. foam, hot water, steam, infrared, burner), mechanical weed removal is more effective, more economical, and more sustainable.

Ideal systems for every machine
As usual for Weber: We offer suitable systems for professional weed removal, including self-collecting sweepers, detachable devices, single-axis machines, or brush cutters. Benefit from the large range of options – and get out the most from your machine.