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Weedgo®! - The weed brush for string trimmers – the original

The Weedgo®! weed brush is the effective and environmentally friendly version for removing tenacious dirt and weed. Each brush head is equipped with robust wire braids. In weed removal operation, the tufts are splicing so that they are able work on pavements and gutters and to remove weed even in hardly accessible positions more effectively than any standard cutting head. They offer a large radius so that professionals are able to effectively clean in one go even large areas such as traffic islands where special machines would be limited. Two different Weedgo®! types offer compatibility with almost any string trimmer. Protective covers and mobile walls are available to complete the Weedgo®! product range for professional applications.

The success story of the original weed brush continues!
The new Weedgo®!QuickPro scores with fast and tool-free changing of the bunches and an improved brushcutter socket.

Weedgo®! model overview


The fast – suitable for trimmers from 2.5 hp (1.8 kW).
The starter set consists of a brush head and six wire braids.


The compact – suitable for trimmers with at least 1.36 hp (1.0 kW) and max. 2.7 hp (2.0 kW).
The starter set consists of a brush head and four wire braids.

Weedgo®! spare parts

Weedgo®!QuickPro spare parts

  • Weed bunch, steel wire rope
  • Weed bunch, WIKRALON®

Weedgo®!Two spare parts

  • Weed bunch, steel wire rope
  • Weed bunch, WIKRALON®

Weedgo®!Pro spare parts (model until 2021)

  • Weed bunch, steel wire rope, also fitting Armigo
  • Weed bunch, WIKRALON®, also fitting Armigo
  • Installation wrench

WIKRALON® is a specially developed plastic bristle for weed removal. Compared to the robust steel bunches, WIKRALON® protects delicate surfaces.

Weedgo®! Accessories

Weedgo®! protective cover BlackProtect

  • Flexible, patented system
  • Reinforced design, black
  • Available for several shaft diameters
  • Ejection in one direction for more consistent work
  • Patent: EP 2 241 173 B1

Mobile protective walls, 3-part

  • Standard protective wall, light version red/white or yellow/black, 1130 x 1030 mm per panel

Mobile protective wall, 2-part

  • Protective wall with aluminum frame, foldable, 2400 x 800 mm with green protective mesh and handle

Weedgo®! change of bunches

Tool-free change of bunches

Weedgo®! is ecological and efficient