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Cattle brushes – Weber wellness for the barn

It is simple, but scientifically confirmed equation: clean and relaxed cows are happy cows. And cows feeling comfortable in their skins will stay healthy for a longer time while also producing more milk. This increase can amount to as much as 10 percent per day. Brush massages effectively contribute to this trend. The cows are more active, but at the same time more relaxed.

In summary: the cows' well-being increases the yield and improves the profitability of dairy farms.


Single brush systems

The standard solution including one rotating brush. The soft, but at the same time rugged and persistent brushes effectively remove parasites and dirt.

Twin brush systems

The comfort package includes a vertically and a horizontally rotating brush, offering a maximum contact area. This means that the cow's head, neck, shoulder and body can be massaged while the skin is gently cleaned.

Brush strips

The affordable and space-saving version. Simple scratch brushes can be positioned horizontally or vertically anywhere in the stable. Weber offers brushes in different lengths and material mixtures.

EU rules on organic farming

Livestock-friendly breeding also includes the comfort in free-stall barns. According to the EC rules on organic farming, livestock accommodation has to meet their biological and ethical requirements. This also covers facilities for independent skin care and cleaning using cattle brushes.

5 reasons for cattle brushes:

  • Higher milk production
  • Gentle and effective skin care
  • Reduced number of mastitis cases (inflammation of udder)
  • Higher yields
  • Reduction of damages in and around the stables

The ideal mixture!

Premium-quality raw materials are the basis for the permanently high quality and performance of our brushes. For this reason, we cooperate with certified suppliers only. While this is compulsory for us, we even go one step further by identifying the ideal recipe and preparation. For each individual application, we precisely adapt the selection, the combination, and the processing of materials to the relevant requirements. In case of livestock care, we use soft bristle mixtures made of polyamide which gently but effectively clean and massage the skin.