Tellerbesen für die Außenreinigung und Tellerbesen für Kehrmaschinen liefert Weber Bürstensysteme in großer Auswahl.

Circular brushes for all forward-mounted and self-collecting sweepers

Any sweeper is only as good as the circular brush it uses. Weber circular brushes are just as individual as the requirements encountered in everyday life. To ensure ideal cleaning and sweeping efficiency, we adapt the selection, combination, and processing of materials to each sweeper and each field of application. Benefit from our large range of capabilities – and get out the most of your machines.

Universal brushes

Weed brushes

Circular brush

Plastic brushes

  • Special bristles - ideal for EX areas (e.g. on airports where flat wire bristles may not be used)

Plastic brushes for machines smaller than 5m³

Suitability table

Whether compact class or large compact class, big sweeper or front-mounted sweeper – we offer suitable circular brushes for any machine. We have prepared this suitability table that will allow you to recognize at a glance which circular brush is best suited for your sweeper.

Small compact class

Large compact class

Large sweeping machine

Front-mounted sweeper

Ø 3,3mm, > 5m³

Ø 2,8mm, < 5m³

< 5 m³

Weed brush,

Weed brush,
PlugLock® 22-FL

Weed brush,
PlugLock® 22

PlugLock® 14-FL

Weed brush,
PlugLock® 14


Circular brush,

Circular brush,

Circular brush,

Circular brush,

Plastic brush,
< 5 m³

Specifications for circular brushes

Weber has the suitable system for each application and for each sweeper. However, we need some technical specifications that will allow us to precisely adapt our brushes to your requirements.

This should and cannot replace any individual consultation. Please contact us in case you have questions or in case you are not able to provide this information. We will be glad to help you.

Please download the specification sheet and return this to us by fax after completing it.

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