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Floor cleaning pads and accessories

Basic cleaning, maintenance cleaning, spot cleaning, wet rubbing, or polishing – Weber offers a broad range of pads and accessories for all types of floors and cleaning machines. With our brands JANEX® and Juwex® you will benefit from our technological expertise and our experience in processing and refining premium-quality pads.

Super Pads

High dirt capacity – long service life.

  • Approx. 22 mm thick
  • Removes large amounts of dirt
  • No frequent change required


High-Speed Pads

For high speeds.

  • For single disk machines
  • High speeds (350 - 3000 r.p.m.)
  • Variable material mixture (synthetic fibers and natural bristles)
  • Low frictional heat
  • Suitable for all types of floors


Melamin pads

Thorough cleaning in corners and niches.

  • Product versions: pads, handpads
  • For hard, uncoated, and insensitive surfaces (e.g. tiles, armatures, basins)
  • To be used with a lot of water


Melamin Combo Pads

Excellent cleaning without post-treatment.

  • Tear-resistant material mixture with profile structure
  • Effective deep cleaning – dirt-absorbing effect
  • Economically efficient alternative – reduced effort, less chemistry
  • Excellent performance on large areas > 10.000m²
  • Floor structure and skid resistance remain intact
  • Universal application for all automatic floor cleaning machines
  • Ideal for stoneware, natural and concrete stones, terracotta and structured safety tiles


Juwex Pads

Brilliant perspectives – for all types of hard floors. Linoleum or concrete, PVC or resin, natural or artificial stone tiles – Juwex® Pads are the perfect solution for all types of hard floors. Special crystalline micro-particles with excellent abrasive properties provide unique brilliance. Four grain sizes with different hardness levels are available to provide a perfectly matched system for basic and maintenance cleaning.

  • Special coating
  • Fine, extremely hard micro-particles – four grain sizes
  • Effective cleaning and polishing
  • Long service life
  • Unique tissue structure: no overheating, high absorption of dust
  • For high speeds (up to 2,500 r.p.m.)


The Juwex® system replaces basic and special cleaning. It is economically efficient, environmentally friendly – and simple. All that Juwex® pads need is clear water. This releases you from the obligation of selecting and dosing chemical cleaning products. It just cannot be any easier.

Finishing – very fine

  • Grit 3000
  • For permanent brilliance and safe walking (when used regularly)
  • If used daily, the floor is maintained and at the same time the polish is improved

Polishing – fine

  • Grit 1500
  • Smooth polishing
  • Ideal preparation for treatment using Juwex® pads “green”

Cleaning – medium

  • Grit 1000
  • Removes small scratches and unevenness
  • Surface is finished
  • For smooth, clean and semi-glossy surfaces
  • Ideal preparation for treatment with Juwex® pads “yellow” and “green”

Pre-treatment – coarse

  • Grit 500
  • Ideal for heavy duty surface renovation
  • Removes small scratches and soiling
  • For clean, mat surfaces
  • Ideal preparation for treatment using Juwex® pads “blue”


Flamingo pads are ideal for automatic scrubbers operating at 1.000 r.p.m. Thanks to the robust design and open structure these pads provide optimum cleaning performance on all hard floors. Moderate contamination and small scratches such as black heel marks are reliably removed in one go. Flamingo pads are used to prepare the floor for polishing.

  • For top cleaning results
  • Robust design, open structure
  • Reliably remove stains and minor scratches
  • Ideal preparation for polishing
  • For automatic scrubbers up to 1,000 r.p.m.

Micro-fiber pads

  • For structured surfaces – effectively removing dirt from micro-pores
  • High absorption of dirt and humidity
  • Protect stone floors and stoneware tiles against graying (if applied regularly)
  • Easy application
  • Wash at 60°C (no softener, no dryer)


Micro-fiber bonnets

  • For textile floors
  • Easy application: spray, put on pad holder, and start
  • Fast and smooth cleaning


Normal Pads

  • Thickness: approx. 12 mm
  • Abrasives in the entire fleece
  • Parallel fiber position
  • Even abrasion
  • Long service life


Normal/ Super, handpads and pad holders

  • Ideally complements normal and super pads
  • Rectangular shape
  • Various sizes
  • Accessories: Pad holder (hand and handle)


Abrasive grid

  • Open structure – ideal treatment of wooden and stone floors
  • Silicon carbide coating
  • Highest quality standards



  • Ideal for refurbishing wooden floors
  • Broad spectrum: from old floors to finishing
  • Tipp for removing old wax layers: Use a Super Pad Hi-Pro before applying the abrasive grid


Stainless steel wool pads

  • For cleaning stone floors (marble terrazzo, travertine and artificial stone)
  • Tipp: By treating calciferous minerals with steel wool pads – in combination with acidic solutions – you can achieve an enrichment of micro-fine crystals (surface hardening)

Adhesive layer

Full friction pad

Application examples:

  • Normal Pads
  • Super Pads
  • High-Speed Pads
  • Micro-fiber pads and bonnets
  • Flamingo
  • Juwex Pads

Stripe friction pad

Application examples:

  • Normal Pads
  • Super Pads
  • High-Speed Pads
  • Micro-fiber pads and bonnets
  • Flamingo
  • Juwex Pads

Pyramid rubber

Application examples:

  • Abrasive grid
  • Sandpaper
  • Stainless steel wool pads

Sanding disc pad

Application examples:

  • Abrasive grid