Juwex Pads

Brilliant perspectives - for all types of hard floors. Linoleum or concrete, PVC or resin, natural or artificial stone tiles - Juwex® Pads are the perfect solution for all types of hard floors. Special crystalline micro-particles with excellent abrasive properties provide unique brilliance. Four grain sizes with different hardness levels are available to provide a perfectly matched system for basic and maintenance cleaning

  • Special coating
  • Fine, extremely hard micro-particles - four grain sizes
  • Effective cleaning and polishing
  • Long service life
  • Unique tissue structure: no overheating, high absorption of dust
  • For high speeds (up to 2,500 r.p.m.)

Four pads covering all requirements

The Juwex® system replaces basic and special cleaning. It is economically efficient, environmentally friendly - and simple. All that Juwex® pads need is clear water. This releases you from the obligation of selecting and dosing chemical cleaning products. It just cannot be any easier.

  • Ideal for heavily worn and dirty floors
  • Removes small scratches and contaminations
  • For clean, mat surfaces
  • Ideal preparation for treatment using Juwex® ppads "blue"

Very fine

  • Removes small scratches and uneven spots
  • Closes the surface
  • For smooth, clean and silk-mat surfaces
  • Ideal preparation for treatment using Juwex® ppads "yellow" and "green"


  • Gentle polishing
  • Preparation for treatment using Juwex® pads "green"


  • For permanent gloss and surefootedness (if applied regularly)
  • If applied daily, the floor is maintained and at the same time the polishing is improved


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