Kehrwalzen für die Aussenreinigung - wie hier im Schneeräumdienst- liefert Weber Bürstensysteme. Weber hat die passende Kehrwalze für alle Kehrmaschinen und liefert hochwertige Kehrwalzen für die Strassenreinigung und Fußwegreinigung.

Sweeping rollers - for any application and for all common front-mounted sweepers and self-collecting machines

The ideal sweeping roller for any machine. This is what Weber Bürstensysteme, one of the leading suppliers of sweeping rollers for road and pavement cleaning stands for. Weber develops not only standard systems, but also special solutions tailored exactly to the vehicles and requirements.


The effective type. It provides high transportation efficiency due to the spiral-shaped arrangement of the bristles. The special rotation ensures smooth operation and efficient transport of debris to the suction port or collector.

  • Smooth operation
  • Efficient transport of debris


The universal type. It offers efficient and thorough cleaning of all kinds of pollution, from fine dust to construction site cleaning.

  • Universal application
  • High bristle density


The powerful type. A sweeping roller featuring a mixture of flat wire and plastic bristles, ideal for removing tenacious encrustations such as compressed mud (construction site cleaning).

  • Mixture of flat-wire/plastic
  • Ideal for construction site cleaning


The sharp type. Provides perfect sweeping performance thanks to high bristle density and rugged flat wire, e.g. to remove heavy dirt (grit etc.)

  • High-quality mixture of plastic and flat wire
  • High bristle density


The long-distance type. Its high-quality nylon bristles ensure extended service life.

  • High-quality mixture of plastic and flat wire
  • High bristle density

  • Twister

  • Thunder

  • Grizzly

  • Barrakuda

  • Albatros

Bristle types

Any sweeping roller is only as good as its bristles.

Sweeping efficiency and service life are influenced by the bristle arrangement, the material mixture, as well as by the bristle strength and density. Premium quality raw materials are the basis for the quality and efficiency of our sweeping rollers. To ensure optimum cleaning efficiency, we adapt all components to each machine type and each application.

  • Universal application
  • High spinning effect


  • Highly smooth operation
  • High transport effect in one direction


  • Effective and thorough removal of dirt

Fully covered

  • Special design for utmost sweeping performance 

Snow removal / SnowBlow

The ideal material mixture

Weber sweeping rollers are fitted with bristles according to customer demand. General principle: a high share of wire increases the aggressiveness and this the sweeping efficiency. The risk of wire break is lower in the linear arrangement than it is in the bundle mixture.

Linear mixture

Wire and plastic

Bundle mixture

Wire and plastic

Bundle mixture

Robust plastic

Types of drive and shapes

Two or four slots, round, square or hexagonal – in terms of shapes, dimensions or bodies, we comply with your expectations and technical requirements.

Specifications for sweeping rollers

Weber has the suitable system for each requirement and for each vehicle. However, we need some technical specifications that will allow us to precisely adapt our brushes to your requirements.

This should and cannot replace any individual consultation. Please contact us in case you have questions or in case you are not able to provide this information. We will be glad to help you.

Please download the specification sheet and return this to us by fax after completing it.

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