Wildkrautbesen bei der Wildkrautbeseitigung. Beseitigen Sie Wildkraut herbizidfrei mit Wildkrautbesen und Wildkrautbesen für Motorsensen von Weber Bürstensysteme.

Weed brushes for professional use with all sweepers and wee removal devices

We focus on mechanics instead of chemistry. Brushes have long been accepted for herbicide-free weed removal. Weber Bürstensysteme offers a broad range of weed brushes as well as accessories for string trimmers.

Weed brushes

Assembly systems for weed brushes
SideLock® & TopLock® for all common coupling systems

Thanks to the use of variable and individually combinable bristles, Weber weed brushes can quickly and easily be adapted to each individual application.


The tufts are laterally screwed.



The tufts are screwed to the pad at the head.


  1. The classic version with wire rope bristles. The wire rope "twirls" – the effective sphere of the tuft grows and the weed is torn out due to the special pulling effect.
  2. Spring flat wire 2.9mm – particularly aggressive.
  3. RUBCUT – Wire rope with standard coating.
  4. RUBCUT PRO - Wire rope with compressed coating.
  5. For gentle weed removal on historic cobblestones.

Bristles for SideLock®

Bristles for TopLock®

Replacement tufts for all common weed removal systems

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions concerning replacement tufts. Just tell us the number of the replacement tuft – we will be glad to support you!






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