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Protective equipment

Make sure you work efficiently when using string trimmers for weed removal, and use our mobile protective walls to effectively protect cars, pedestrians and buildings against flying particles, plant residues and clods. For you as a user, we also have protective equipment according to DIN standards in our program.

Protective walls

Mobile protective wall 3-part

  • 3-part standard protective wall, light version red/white or yellow/black
  • 1130 x 1030 mm per panel

Mobile protective wall 2-part

  • 2-part protective wall with aluminum frame, foldable
  • 2400 x 800 mm with green protective mesh
  • With handle

For the user

Ear & Face Protection

  • Padded headband and forehead support, with mesh visor
  • For head size 52-63 cm
  • Standard according to DIN EN352-1 and EN173-1F, ear protection EP106
  • CE approved

ECOLINE Forestry Helmet

  • Lightweight HDPE helmet shell with four-point internal harness and mesh visor
  • For head size 54-62 cm
  • Standard according to DIN EN89 and EN686, silencer EN352-3:2003
  • CE approved